About Me

Welcome to Antony Cripps Personal Training  ACPT

Antony Cripps Personal Training is an established fitness company located in Sandhurst, Berkshire. A company that specialises in a variety of key areas that contribute to a positive development with your health, fitness and well-being.

About me-Your Personal Trainer:

I have been working as a personal trainer for the past 6 years. My career began working at one of Surrey’s best independent health clubs, working as part of the elite fitness team. After 2 and a half years at the club I was offered a short term head of fitness position at the twin club in Berkshire. I spent 6 months in the role offering the club my experience, knowledge, ideas and professional touch during my short stay. In January 2014 I launched my own company as well as relocating my services back to my hometown, Sandhurst. In 3 years I have become the most recommended personal trainer in the area.

As a coach, I have worked with a variety of people of all ages and abilities. People from all walks of life. A professional drummer, a dance & drama teacher, a crime scene investigator, business professionals, busy mums & dads, those at university and those enjoying their retirement too. The ages of the clients I am currently working vary from 17-63. REPS__STAMP

My background:

Over the years I have participated in a number of sports and activities. Martial Arts, Tennis, Kayaking, running, sprint triathlons and Obstacle Course Races. I also spent many years training in the gym as well as doing outdoor fitness training. One of the main reasons for me choosing a career in the fitness Industry though comes from my own struggle with motivation. I’ve lost count of the times that I would not finish a gym session and simply head home annoyed at the fact the training just didn’t feel effective. So despite all the exercise and activities I mentioned above, there has always been a lack of motivation and knowledge to push further than I had got to. 6 years as a personal trainer has allowed me time to gather knowledge and get experience so that now I can help others who may be in a similar situation that I was once in.

My qualifications

  • Level 3 certified Personal Trainer (Premier Training International)
  • Level 2 certified Gym Instructor (Premier Training International)
  • Certified Nutrition advisor for weight management (Premier Training International)
  • Level 1 certified ‘Roc Doc’ Kinesiology Taping (ROCKTAPE)
  • Plyometric & Power Training (Clarity by Jigsaw)
  • Body Type Nutrition Foundation Academy Nutrition (Body Type Nutrition)
  • Currently studying BTN Practical Academy to be a Certified Nutrition Coach. (Body Type Nutrition)
  • Emergency First Aid ( Training First)
  • Fully insured (Protectivity Insurance)
  • Fully registered member of The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)