Blog: Create a sleep friendly environment

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Blog: Create a sleep friendly environment.

Research shows that we spend 30% of our lives in bed, or so we should.

This is a topic that pops up in many of my daily ‘quick tips’ but that’s because it really is so important. Sleep!

Sleep has several important roles to play within our body’s everyday routines. These include supporting our nervous system, musculoskeletal system, cognitive system & endocrine system function.

Sleep deprivation can have a negative effect on our energy levels due to poor nutritional choices due to the effect on our hunger hormones. This can lead to weight gain, poor focus and performance and can also prevent us from dropping excess body fat too.

A good start to a quality nights sleep would be to be in bed by 10/10:30pm. But it’s our pre bedtime routine that can determine the quality of sleep that we experience.

Here are 3 simple top tips for a good night sleep.

*Avoid coffee or any caffeine based stimulant after 3pm. This is due to it’s half life span of 6 hours. Meaning if we were to drink a large cup of coffee at 5pm then we would still be experiencing the effects of that drink at 11pm.

*Limit the use of electrical products prior to bedtime. TV, IPad, phones etc. Just a small bit of light from any of these products can affect our sleep-wake cycle. Research has shown that people who use mobile phones a few hours prior to bed had trouble falling to sleep and also reaching that level of a deep sleep.

*Create a sleep friendly environment. Dark room, cool and comfortable. All of these Important factors can improve our quality of sleep.