Blog: The common cold-Win the battle.

Blog: The common cold-Win the battle.

We have experienced one of the best summers in years here in the U.K. but now it’s all changing. The winter season is fast approaching and it’s already begun getting quite cold outside. This is the time when we allow our guard to slip and become open to viruses and the most common is of course, the common cold. Sore throat, blocked nose, muscles aching, feeling cold? Yes, it’s horrible and then we all try to be the one person who finds the ultimate cure.

Well in this post, I’m going to share with you my five top tips for overcoming the common cold as quickly as possible ensuring you are back to full health.

1: Sleep: Probably the most important factor in your recovery process. Sleep is when our bodies recover, repair and recharge. It can be tiring having to do our usual everyday activities but throw a cold in on top and you’ll be even more fatigued which will see your performance in whatever you do decline. Early nights are a must during your recovery, you may also experience broken sleep which is why other sleeping factors are vital. A comfortable bed and pillow, room with a good temperature which is also dark. Sleep as much as you can when fighting an illness.

2: Hydration: During illness you will lose fluids through mucus so it’s essential you stay hydrated by replacing lost fluids. To know how much water you need to be drinking each day, try this calculation. Your body weight in KG X 0.033=The number of litres per day you need to be consuming. You can also include herbal teas to give you a taste of flavour and if you are experiencing a sore throat with a lot of mucus building up then add a pinch of good quality sea salt to each litre of water you drink. Salt will help clear the stick phlegm and mucus.

3: Boost your vitamin C intake: Probably the most popular method that the general public are aware of. Vitamin C helps support a strong immune system and fights illness and infection. The daily recommended intake of vitamin C for adults is between 65-90mg although during illness you can increase this a little more for an extra boost. Be careful not to consume too much as this can cause diarrhoea and other discomforts. Foods rich in Vitamin C include, fresh fruit (especially oranges) and vegetables.

4: Postpone training: If you are not feeling 100% the last thing you will want to be doing is trying to push your body in the gym. Your body requires rest during illness not activity. If you do wish to do something, go for a walk. But remember to wrap up warm. Return to your regular exercise routine when you feel fully recovered and are eating properly and have had a good rest.

5: Make healthy food choices: If your in bed resting its easy to want to eat comfort food but we must ensure we are eating good nutritious foods. If you find that you have a sore throat that is making it uncomfortable to eat then look to foods such as yoghurt and some berries for example. Soft with plenty of nutritional value. Just remember, healthy choices lead to quicker recovery and better energy.

That’s my top 5 top tips for the fight against the commons cold, thanks for reading,