Blog: Walking-The underrated exercise.

13082534_1068245919880325_5782432436744009798_nBlog: Walking-The underrated exercise.

One of the things I recommend to pretty much each and everyone of  clients is to go for a walk. Whatever their goal, fat loss, fitness strength, injury rehabilitation, I will say make time to go for a walk. Why? What can walking do for me? Walking is in my opinion the most underrated exercise and best of all it’s free. If of course you are lucky enough to be able to walk, then walk!

There are many health benefits of walking. Some of these include.

  • Improves your mood: Walking releases endorphins that improve your mood. It can also reduce your stress levels.
  • Increase fitness level: Your working your heart and lungs as you move more. Add distance or a few hills to your walk and you’ll see great improvements with your overall fitness.
  • Keeps joints healthy: In the 21st century we spend far too long sitting down. This, in the long term causes our joints to become stiff and tired too. Regular movement of your lower limbs could possibly prevent you needing a knee or hip replacement. If you have had a knee and/or hip replacement then walking each day can help strengthen these joints as well as improving your mobility.
  • Regulate your blood pressure & blood sugar levels: Overall this would reduce your chances of a heart attack or stroke/
  • A healthy mind: By getting out from our usual surroundings and going for a walk in the great outdoors we can clear our head from the daily stresses and increase the positive thought process as well as reducing our stress levels and boosting our performance.
  • Fat loss: It may not achieve the fat loss results as quickly as say high intensity training does, but it can and WILL help you shift unwanted body fat over time.

I often recommend a brisk 20 minute walk 2-3 times a week. However there is no reason why we cant imcorporate walking more into our everyday lives.

  • Walk the kids to school instead of driving.
  • Walk to work.
  • Get off the train/bus one stop early and walk the rest of the route.
  • Go out for a weekend family walk.
  • Go for a lunchtime walk while at work.
  • walk around at work more if you are in an office based job.
  • Join a walking group or organise that yourself and a group of friends go walking together once a week.
  • Walk to the shops.

Think about how much you walk at the moment, do you perhaps use the car a little too often when instead the the journeys you are making you could walk instead?

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