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Quick Tip! Supplements:

Quick Tip!  Antony cartoon


Do you take any supplements? Are they ...

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Quick Tip! Elderly Clients:

Quick Tip! Antony cartoon

Elderly Clients:

In the UK today, life expectancy ...

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Quick Tip! Nutrition for Children

Nutrition for children: IMG_4229

Here are a few top tips as to ...
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Newsletter: May/June:

Newsletter: May/June:

Hello everyone and welcome to my June/July newsletter where you’ll hear all about my latest news, events and much more. I hope you find it an enjoyable read and of course, if you have any questions, just ask! Enjoy!

Swansea Half Marathon:

Sunday 25th June saw me complete my first ever half marathon, the Swansea Half in a time of 2 hours and 40 minutes. It was a challenging event but enjoyable too with the beautiful scenery of the Mumbles coastline. It ...

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Quick Tip! Benefits of rice.

Quick Tip!

Benefits of riceIMG_4011

There are many benefits of rice, a food which is often given a bad reputation for being a part of the ‘evil’ Carb family! Here are five reasons to include rice in your diet.

1: Great source of energy, a healthy carbohydrate offering you plenty of energy quickly but also helping to stabilise your blood sugar levels and promote ...

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Quick! Tip! A good nights sleep is essential for good health.

Quick Tip!

A good nights sleep is essential for good health. IMG_4010

Here are 3 simple top tips for a good night sleep.

*Avoid coffee or any caffeine based stimulant after 3pm. This is due to it’s half life span of 6 hours. Meaning if we were to drink a large cup of coffee at 5pm then we would still be experiencing the effects of that drink ...

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Quick Tip! Alcohol:

Quick Tip!

Did you know? IMG_3995

Alcohol is a big enjoyment in the 21st century lifestyle and popular amongst most social groups. Alcohol contains 7kcals per gram (well more 5kcals per gram.) Due to it’s high thermic effect, you lose a lot of the energy through heat. In fact, you lose up to 20% of the energy available upon ingestion meaning the actual calorie intake is ...

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Newsletter: January 2017

Newsletter: January 2017

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had a lovely christmas filled with fun, laughter, gifts and more! I’d like to welcome you to my first newsletter of 2017, the idea of a regular newsletter is to share with you all my latest news, events and offers. I hope you find it an enjoyable read, enjoy!

Boot Camp: boot-camp-party

Boot Camp returns on Tuesday 10th ...

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Quick Tip! Eat apricots

Quick Tip! img_3948
Eat apricots
Apricots are a popular member of the fruit family, here are a few of their many benefits.
*Excellent source of both vitamin A & C. These two essential vitamins support a healthy immune system.
*Rich in fiber which supports smooth bowl movements and prevents constipation.
*Good source of potassium which can help to maintain fluid balance in ...

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Quick Tip! Eat carrots

Quick Tip! img_3942

Eat carrots

Now we’ve all heard the saying, eat carrots then you’ll be able to see in the dark, but what are the health benefits of carrots? Here’s a few of the best!

*Carrots aid in healthy digestion as they are rich in fiber which adds bulk to your stool helping it to pass easily through the digestive tract. Fiber also boosts heart health.

*Rich ...

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