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Benefits of Kiwi fruit

kiwiNutrition Tip-benefits of Kiwi fruit:

It’s main attraction being the brilliant green colour and exotic taste but what about the many health benefits this fruit can have on your health, here’s five of the best reasons to include this fruit in your diet.

1: Supports healthy skin: Kiwis provide an excellent source of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant known to protect the skin from degeneration, ...

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Tabata-The 4 minute work out

Training Tip: Tabata  Tabata

What is it?

Tabata is a popular and effective method of training. The idea is to minimize the time you work out. Tabata only lasts a total of 4 minutes. Normally in a tabata based session you could use 5-8 different exercise. The exercises can be anything from squats, push ups, burpees to lunges, pretty much anything and everything! ...

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Eye and Vision Health

Health Tip: Eye health.  Eye health

Good nutrition is essential to maintain and support good vision and keep your eyes healthy and functioning at their best throughout your lifetime.

There are two powerful antioxidants that can support better vision and good eye health. They are lutein and zeaxanthin that are recognised as two types of carotenoids. Found in a variety of foods including……….

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Green beans
  • All when ...
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Ankle strength and stability

Training Tip-Ankle strength and stability. stability disc

Our ankles are a fragile part of our body. As part of any training program we should all dedicate some time to strengthen our ankles and also improve core stability and balance too. By doing so, we can improve performance and prevent injury too.

A great exercise to improve your ankle strength and stability is by standing ...

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I speak to Bondi Beach lifegaurd Maxi about his training.

maxi bondi pic

As you most probably already know, I have been interviewing different people over the last month, asking them about their training and diet and why they put in the time and effort into working out that they do. I have so far spoken to many different people of all ages and fitness levels and their answers have been really ...

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I talk to Ines about her training

image_1361465664531582 Hey everyone.

Back to the case studies today and this time I am sharing with you the training story of Inés Granell.

Ines is a Sports Massage Therapist and has a keen interest in exercise. Here are her reasons of why she puts in the time and effort she does in the Gym.

 Name. Ines Granell
 Age. 23
 Gender. Female

1.    Why do ...

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I talk to James Vandersluis about his training

I talk to James Vandersluis about his training

Hey Everyone,

As you all know I have been studying and writing up my research on the topic of the younger and older generation and how Exercise affects both age groups. After my first Blog on this topic went up on the website I decided to actually go a little more in depth with my studies and interview several different people of all different ages and fitness abilities.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will be launching one ...

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Time to Lift Weights….’But I dont want to get Big’!

Time to Lift Weights….’But I dont want to get Big’!

This is something I hear alot as a Personal Trainer, alot of the time from my Female Clients.

The truth is that Yes, Weight Training does build muscle!

But, with a Good amount of Cardiovascular work and working in the correct Repetition Range you can still look great without that ‘Bulked Up’ feeling.

When you weight train you are not only building muscle.

You are making the body stronger and believe it or not turning it into a Fat Burning machine! Sounds Great right?
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