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Barefoot Training (Vibram Five Fingers)

Vibram Five FingersQuick Tip

Benefit of wearing Vibram Five Fingers:

When working with clients and doing my own training, my preferred style of footwear are vibram five finger shoes. Usually after the confused look, people often ask ‘what are the benefits?’ One quick response is that barefoot training alters our bio-mechanics.

There are many benefits to wearing vibram five fingers, or similar footwear, helping to improve ...

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Plyometric Training

Training Tip: Plyometric TrainingBurpees
Plyometric training often known as ‘jump training’ or given the nickname ‘plyo training’ is a
method of training aimed at increasing speed and power. The training style is used by a lot of
professional athletes including martial artists, ling jumpers and basketball payers to name a few,. but
anyone can use plyometric training to add variety to their exercise routine.
Some of the ...
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Oral Health

Quick Tip! Tooth
Oral Health
It’s not just about looking great on the outside, it’s about looking after your health on the inside too!
Here’s a few interesting facts about oral health to keep you motivated about looking after your teeth and gums.
Did you know?
Heart Disease: Gum inflammation products and bacteria in gum disease can cause heart disease and in some cases double the risk ...
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Health Benefit of Coconut

Nutrition TipCoconut

Health benefits of coconut…

Many foods share the nickname ‘Superfood’ but the contents of the coconut can probably claim the title above the rest. Providing your body with so many health benefits from boosting energy levels to providing you with essential fats. They simply are one of the wonder foods on earth!

Here’s some of the best health benefits the coconut has to offer.

Full ...

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Cardiac Risk in The Young (CRY)

Cardiac Risk in The Young (CRY). CRY

CRY are a charity who have been working to save young lives for many years.  Their mission (which began in 1995) is to reduce the frequency of young sudden cardiac death by working with cardiologists and family doctors to establish good practice and appropriate screening facilities to promote and protect the cardiac health of young people. Sudden cardiac death ...

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Benefits of Oranges

Nutrition Tip. Benefits of eating oranges Orange

Oranges are probably one of if not the most popular food in the fruit family. Packed full of goodness, they can really benefit your health. Here’s five of the best reasons to eat oranges.

1: Rich in vitamins A and C: Both these essential vitamins play a vital role in supporting good health. Two benefits from these vitamins are healthy skin and ...

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Nutrition Tip: Salt Salt

Salt comes in the form of sodium chloride, two elements that combine to create something unique and useful to our bodies. Salt is often forgotten about and many advise against it but it does have many positive benefits to offer our health. Like both carbohydrates and fat, it’s usually surrounded by controversy.

  • Salt can clear the lungs of mucus and sticky phlegm, ...
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Don’t fall into the marketing trap

MotivationAim for long term success

Too often, I see people fall into the marketing trap set out by fitness and supplement companies offering big changes in so little time, such as 9, 30 and
90 days!

Unfortunately this has led many to believe that this is how long it takes to see
change in your fitness and fat loss.

I always get my clients aiming for long ...

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Benefits of eating broccoli

Nutrition Tip-benefits of eating broccoliBroccoli

Many of you may have that childhood memory of being told to eat your trees, not those outside, but those mini tree looking vegetables called broccoli. By the end of reading this post you will know five of the best health benefits to eating this member of the cabbage family and also understand why mums know best!

1: ...

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Benefits of eating strawberries

Nutrition Tip-benefits of eating strawberries:Strawberries

With Wimbledon 2014 well underway, tennis fever has once again hit the nation and it’s not only the sport that has regained it’s popularity. Strawberries have become the most popular thing in the fruit family, so here’s five reasons why you too should be eating them, (without the cream though)!

1: Smart choice for diabetics: Strawberries are ranked in ...

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