Quick Tip! Eat carrots

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Eat carrots

Now we’ve all heard the saying, eat carrots then you’ll be able to see in the dark, but what are the health benefits of carrots? Here’s a few of the best!

*Carrots aid in healthy digestion as they are rich in fiber which adds bulk to your stool helping it to pass easily through the digestive tract. Fiber also boosts heart health.

*Rich ...

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Quick Tip! Healthy Digestion:

Quick Tip! Healthy digestion: img_3935
Many people often complain about stomach pains, constipation or other digestive issues a short while after they’ve eaten. I’m going to share with you 5 top tips to ensure that you can improve your digestion.
1: Eat fibre rich foods: These include, bell peppers, avocado, fish, coconut, natural yoghurt, nuts & seeds and lots of vegetables.
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Quick Tip! Calcium

Calcium milk

Calcium is an essential mineral and has several important functions in the body.

Some of these include.

*Helping to build strong & healthy bones and teeth.
*Ensuring blood clots normally.
*Regulating muscle contractions (including heart beat.)

How much calcium a day do I need?

Adults require around 700mg of calcium a day.

What food can offer me a good ...

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Quick Tip! Eat Protein

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Eat Protein:

Protein is an essential macronutrient in any diet. It is the building blocks of what we are. There are many reasons as to why we need to eat protein, here are few.

1: Protein assists with muscle tissue repair and growth.

2: Protein helps you to feel full for longer as it takes longer for your body to digest.

3: Protein helps ...

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Blog: Create a sleep friendly environment

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Blog: Create a sleep friendly environment.

Research shows that we spend 30% of our lives in bed, or so we should.

This is a topic that pops up in many of my daily ‘quick tips’ but that’s because it really is so important. Sleep!

Sleep has several important roles to play within our body’s everyday routines. These include supporting our nervous system, musculoskeletal ...

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Quick Tip! Benefits of beetroot juice

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Benefits of beetroot juice

Beetroot (also known as beet) is becoming more and more popular each year. Regarded as a superfood and as a traditional medicine, beetroot is an excellent source of vitamins and other antioxidants. Beetroot juice is a simple and effective way to help your body in many ways.

*Lowers blood pressure
*Lower blood glucose levels and increase ...

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Quick Tip! Benefits of Oily fish.

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Benefits of Oily Fish.

1: Supports a healthy heart: Research has shown that fish can help lower blood pressure and also prevent a build up of fat in your arteries, which in return will lead to a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes. The evidence supporting this claim is strong enough to warrant a government recommendation that fish (particularly oily) ...

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Quick Tip! Dietary Fat

Quick Tip!

Fat fat

Dietary fat is often given far too much bad press but the truth is that fat has plenty of positives to offer your health.

Did you know?

1: A diet low in fat can often result in fatigue, poor skin, hair and nails as well as causing you to miss out on the vital Vitamins A, D, E ...

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Quick Tip: Glycemic Index

Quick Tip: Glycemic Indexgi-index

You may have heard of the glycemic index (GI) before (or you may have not.) The glycemic index is a chart in which carbohydrate foods will show you how quickly they can cause a rise in your blood sugar levels. Basically the higher the number, the quicker that food will be turned into fuel and ...

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Newsletter: November 2016

Newsletter: November 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to my latest newsletter where you’ll hear all about my latest news, events and much more. I hope you find it an enjoyable read and of course, if you have any questions, just ask! Enjoy!

Body Type Nutrition Practical Academy: btn

You may have noticed that I am currently studying with the highly respected Body Type Nutrition Academy. I am ...

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