Consultation & Posture/Movement Assessment

 Consultation & Posture/Movement Assessment

pushupBefore I begin work with any new client, it is vital that important information is collected. By understanding you as an individual I can ensure that each and every session is suitably challenging, effective, enjoyable and tailored to your individual needs. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for us to meet in person before we start our journey together.

Step 1-The consultation:

Our initial meeting will begin with a discussion on a variety of key topics, allowing me to gather all the information needed to understand you as an individual to put together your plan of action.

  • Meet and greet-a chance for me to get to know you and you to get to know me.
  • Discussing your chosen goal-what you wish to achieve and what’s your motivation.
  • Your exercise experience-talking about any previous and/or current training or activities you have done or do.
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle-Understanding your current eating habits and routines and your lifestyle.
  • Health and injury assessment-recording any previous or current health issues or injuries you may have.
  • Stats and blood pressure-recording your body fat and muscle % and your blood pressure reading.

Step 2-Posture analysis & Movement Assessment:

For those who wish to do personal training, the next step of your initial consultation includes a posture analysis and movement assessment. For me to see how your body works through movement and what your current posture is like is essential when it comes to planning your sessions. We do this to also avoid any pain or discomfort during training. Everybody moves differently, so a detailed assessment will mean you get more out of you future sessions and so also we can continue without pain or at least know what to do to correct any current aches and pains.

Where, how long and how much?

Your initial consultation is free of charge and usually lasts 1 hour. The consultation can be held at my studio in Sandhurst or in the comfort of your own home.

Please note that I only offer no pressure consultations, meaning you are not expected to book any sessions (unless of course you wish to.) You are in charge of if and when you decide to book any training appointments.