I speak to Bondi Beach lifegaurd Maxi about his training.

maxi bondi pic

As you most probably already know, I have been interviewing different people over the last month, asking them about their training and diet and why they put in the time and effort into working out that they do. I have so far spoken to many different people of all ages and fitness levels and their answers have been really motivating for anyone looking to start exercising.

As you may also know, I have spent the last 3 weeks over in Australia, and while I was there I was lucky enough to add another name on the list of the people I have interviewed. A very well-known name too! This name is recognised to many all over the world. He is one of the Famous Bondi Beach Lifeguards that you may have seen on TV, keeping the thousands of visitors this world famous beach gets each year safe.

Trent Maxwell, better known as ‘Maxi’ from the TV show Bondi Rescue is one of the youngest lifeguards on the ‘boys in blue’ team that spend every day protecting mostly tourists from the dangerous currents that this beautiful beach has.

Maxi isn’t just a lifeguard, he is a professional lifeguard, with most of his spare time spent training not only to support his job description but also to keep his job each season.

While on my travels I made a trip to Bondi where I had a chat with Maxi himself and found out what he does to keep himself in good health and good shape.

A quick interview due to him just finishing training and about to get ready for work.

Here is what he had to say.

Name. Maxi

Age. 21

Job. Professional Lifeguard.


1.      Why do you train?

I train to keep my fitness levels up meaning that I’m able to get to people out in the water or anywhere on the beach quickly if they are in trouble.

2.      How good is your Diet?

In the last few weeks it has been really good. I am eating a lot more green vegetables and also a lot more Protein too. I keep things strict during the week and at weekends tend to enjoy myself a little more as I still think it’s important to live a normal life and treat yourself.

3.      How many times a week do you train and what do you do?

Every week I train 6 times and in my sessions I will focus on things that relate to my job.

I will be in the Gym a couple of times in the week but I will train mostly down the beach running, swimming, board paddling and Jet Ski training.

4.      What is your training (sport) history?

In the past I have competed in swimming and also the annual lifeguard ironman race.

5.      How much water do you drink a day and how much alcohol do you drink a week?

With water, I try to drink as much as possible, a couple of litres, especially working down the beach, it’s good to keep hydrated. I don’t tend to drink much alcohol these days.

6.      Name a moment in your career where your fitness has really helped you?

There was one rescue where I had to get to this guy in the water but had to get past some rocks first and also fight through the waves as well as swim under water and then bring the patient back to shore. I still felt I had enough energy in me to complete the rescue which is where my fitness training played a big part.

7.       Do you think age plays a role in how you train considering you are one of the youngest in the team?

Age can play a role yes, but looking at the other guys who are older than me, we all train hard and eat well-meaning everyone is in good condition. The oldest lifeguard on our team is 63 so that shows a lot!


Thank you Maxi.

 Some great answers from Maxi, and also something the visitors to Bondi should take a look at. The time and effort Maxi and the other lifeguards put onto training to ensure they are able to complete rescues is fantastic and something we should remember when we visit any beach, that we should respect the training these guys do to ensure our lives are always safe!