Outdoor Training & Home Visits

Outdoor Training & Home Visits:

As well as my studio, I can also work with you at several outdoor locations or even in the comfort of your own home. Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training:

My main location for outdoor training is The Sandhurst Memorial Park, located in the heart of Sandhurst, Berkshire. The Memorial Park offers a very spacious and well maintained 200 acres.

 I can also work with you at a few other outdoor locations in and around Sandhurst too. These include……..

  • Snaprails Park, Sandhurst, Berkshire
  • The Morgan Wreck, Crowthorne, Berkshire
  • Darby Green, Blackwater, Hampshire
  • Yateley Green, Yateley, Hampshire

I can also travel to other outdoor locations not too far away from Sandhurst.