Personal Training

Personal Training the right way

 Personal Training. Here’s a few of the popular questions that are sometimes asked when someone is considering hiring a Personal Trainer. In respionse I have replied with some detailed answers to give you the best insight into personal training and what it’s all about.

 1.       What is personal training?

The clue is in the name, personal!

 Personal Training is focused on you as an individual and comes away from the usual Gym program for all. It’s having your own qualified and experienced health and fitness professional guide you towards achieving your goal in the most safe and effective way.

  1. 2.      Is personal training for me?

Personal training can be for everyone! The history of PT began a fair few years ago when the more experienced exercisers passed on their knowledge to others to assist them with their own training and to ensure them that results can be met by following the correct guidelines.  Even if you exercise on a regular basis and have a fairly good understanding of what to do when trying to achieve your goal, the idea of having a trainer is that they carry a lot more knowledge and can show you even more new ideas to help you achieve your chosen goal AND more!

3.      What should I expect from a personal trainer?

Knowledge, focus, understanding, dedication and drive to name a few!

4.      What qualification should my trainer have?

A PT qualification that is level 3 and/or above that was gained through a recognized training provider. Your trainer should also have insurance. I hold a level 3 certificate myself which I gained through Premier Training International, one of the country’s leading industry education providers. I am also insured through the Register of Exercise Professional’s (REPS).

5.      How many PT sessions a week should I have?

This is entirely up to you! The idea of having a personal trainer is to assist you with your health and fitness aims, not to break your bank. I recommend at least 3 exercise sessions a week, one of those could be PT and the others could be sessions you do on your own with the plan designed by your trainer. You could have one session a month or every couple of weeks or even two a week, it’s your money and your decision! What I will say though is when you hear of people saying that personal training is an expensive luxury what with trainers charging anything between £25 and £80 an hour, you have to think what these people can spend on a night out drinking and partying!

6.      Hiring a personal trainer, does that mean guaranteed results?

You may hear somewhere in a trainer’s sales pitch the words ‘guaranteed results’ but looking at the whole picture, to achieve your chosen goal there will be a good percentage of hard work from both you the client and the trainer for results to be met! Remember, your trainer cant be by your side 24/7 so if something isn’t quite working in your exercise and nutrition plan, think why, before you question the trainer straight away.

 7.    How to choose a trainer?

All personal trainers are different, the main similarities should be that they are qualified, understanding, fun, easy going, results driven and don’t mind working overtime if need be! I believe I match all these. You have to be able to work with your trainer, remember you are spending an hour with this person, will you enjoy that?

 Hope this has cleared your mind of any concerns you may have had with personal training. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact me (see contact me page).