Personal Training

Personal Training:
Personal Training is ideal for those with busy lifestyles and family and/or commitments who need structure and guidance to help keep them on track towards their goals.
My current client base has a very varied set of health and fitness goals that I am helping each of them to achieve. Fat loss, improving general fitness, increasing strength and mobility, improving sport specific movements and building the endurance to take on a 5k, 10k,  half marathon or ultra distance event.
I am working with men and women, boys and girls of all ages and abilities. From 12 years to 73 years. Your sessions are tailored to suit you and your individual needs and challenges in a safe, effective and enjoyable way to ensure we achieve what together we set out to do.
There are a few different ways to enjoy personal training.
One-One: Working with myself one to one.
Partner Training: Ideal for those who wish to train with their husband, wife, partner, relative or best friend.
Small Group Training: Train with a group of friends or as a family.