Quick! Tip! A good nights sleep is essential for good health.

Quick Tip!

A good nights sleep is essential for good health. IMG_4010

Here are 3 simple top tips for a good night sleep.

*Avoid coffee or any caffeine based stimulant after 3pm. This is due to it’s half life span of 6 hours. Meaning if we were to drink a large cup of coffee at 5pm then we would still be experiencing the effects of that drink at 11pm.

*Limit the use of electrical products prior to bedtime. TV, IPad, phones etc. Just a small bit of light from any of these products can affect our sleep-wake cycle. Research has shown that people who use mobile phones a few hours prior to bed had trouble falling to sleep and also reaching that level of a deep sleep.

*Create a sleep friendly environment. Dark room, cool and comfortable. All of these Important factors can improve our quality of sleep.