Quick Tip! Alcohol

Quick Tip! Alcohol:  Alochol

Alcohol is a big enjoyment in the 21st century lifestyle and popular amongst most social groups. Alcohol contains 7kcals per gram (well more 5kcals per gram.) Due to it’s high thermic effect, you lose a lot of the energy through heat. In fact, you lose up to 20% of the energy available upon ingestion meaning the actual calorie intake is closer to 5kcals per gram Instead.

Other key points:

*Consuming alcohol leading to an excess of your daily calorie requirements, will potentially cause fat gain.

*Alcohol shuts of fat oxidations and increases the metabolic pathway to use alcohol as energy. Any dietary fat consumed over and above that day, or around consumption will stored. The storage vs oxidation of fat is what is important. It can often lead us to over consumption of high calorific, low nutrient foods.

Of course, alcohol isn’t a bad thing and is something we can all enjoy in a variety of environments, just be sure to watch your intake on the occasion and be sensible with the amount of alcohol you consume on a regular basis.