Quick Tip! Benefits of rice.

Quick Tip!

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There are many benefits of rice, a food which is often given a bad reputation for being a part of the ‘evil’ Carb family! Here are five reasons to include rice in your diet.

1: Great source of energy, a healthy carbohydrate offering you plenty of energy quickly but also helping to stabilise your blood sugar levels and promote a healthy bowl.

2: Cholesterol free: Yes, rice includes no cholesterol and is low in other fatty ingredients.

3: Good food for those with high blood pressure: This is due to it’s low levels of sodium.

4: Gluten Free: This is best news for those who are gluten intolerant as rice also includes plenty of other super ingredients to support good health such as vitamin B & D, fibre, iron and calcium.

Digestive health: Rich in fiber which is essential for promoting healthy bowl movements and reducing constipation.

White or brown?

Brown rice is generally better, including more of it’s nutritional value whereas white rice tends to be stripped of its healthy benefits. There isn’t too much harm in either though. Just make sure you buy good quality rice to enjoy better taste and health benefits.

Portion control:

Cup your hands together and use that as your portion measurement tool. That cup of your hands will allow you to serve up a sensible portion of rice.