Quick Tip! Eat carrots

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Eat carrots

Now we’ve all heard the saying, eat carrots then you’ll be able to see in the dark, but what are the health benefits of carrots? Here’s a few of the best!

*Carrots aid in healthy digestion as they are rich in fiber which adds bulk to your stool helping it to pass easily through the digestive tract. Fiber also boosts heart health.

*Rich in a variety of vitamins including A, C, K & B8. Essential vitamins to boost immune system health and for supporting your eyesight. They offer a source of beta-carotene.

*Carrots are rich in potassium which is an essential tool when looking to lower your blood pressure.

*Supports healthy skin, again due to their good source of vitamin A.

*Dental health. Carrots contain natural abrasive qualities that can help cleanse your teeth and gums.