Quick Tip! Healthy Digestion:

Quick Tip! Healthy digestion: img_3935
Many people often complain about stomach pains, constipation or other digestive issues a short while after they’ve eaten. I’m going to share with you 5 top tips to ensure that you can improve your digestion.
1: Eat fibre rich foods: These include, bell peppers, avocado, fish, coconut, natural yoghurt, nuts & seeds and lots of vegetables.
2: Stay hydrated: Water helps our bodies to function properly and effectively. Ensuring you consume the right amount of water each day will support healthy digestion.
3: Skip the bad habits: Reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol and quit smoking. Excessive consumption of these can have a negative effect on our digestion and can also cause other problems such as stomach ulcers and heart burn.
4: Manage stress: Research has shown that high stress levels can interrupt our digestion. Participate in regular stress lowering activities like yoga, meditation, walking or whatever kind of exercise helps you to escape the stresses of every day life.
5: Create an eating schedule (no paper or wall charts needed!) By eating our main meals and snacks at the same time each day allows our digestive system to find a routine, in return you’ll find it will return the favour by staying in top shape!