Quick Tip! Nutrition for Children

Nutrition for children: IMG_4229

Here are a few top tips as to how you can improve the nutrition and health of your child/children.1: Regular meal pattern: A lot of children these days can skip meals, for whatever reason. It’s important that they learn in the early years of their life about the importance of a regular meal pattern. Doing so can maintain energy levels and healthy digestion.

2: Sleep: School age children between the ages of 5-11 need plenty of sleep. Around 10-11 hours. The pre bed routine is also essential to ensure good quality sleep. No TV in the bedroom and limited time in front of a computer, tablet and phone.

3: Portion control: Many children under the age of 11 are eating their main meals of adult sized plates. This can often lead to overeating. It is recommended that children (under the age of 11) eat their meals of a smaller plate to ensure better control over portions.