Sport and Event Specific Training

 Your sport or event: image        

If your looking to train for a sport or have a challenge you wish to take on whether it be to run a marathon, complete an obstacle course race or even a job that requires specific fitness and health requirements I can help you achieve your target!

First of all we discuss your sport or event and set your goal. Taking into account your strengths and weaknesses, we aim to turn any weakness into a game changing strength. We will focus on your current training schedule, eating habits and your lifestyle and together create a plan of action that will be suit you as an individual and be challenging, enjoyable, progressive, eduational and results driven!

The Training:

Your sessions will consist of functional training that will help you develop fitness, strength, flexibility, better movement and the confidence to compete in your sport or event to the best of your ability. With my clients I use a number of proven training methods to allow them to see the results they want. Sprint training, strenth circuits and HIIT are a few of the ways to reach your chosen goal.


When training for a specific sport or event we need to ensure that your diet is supporting your training. Eating enough, hydration and of course eating the right foods to support energy levels, recovery and good health. We will look at your current diet and use the positives to help correct any areas that need work.